Customer Service – Taking What You’re Doing From “Good” to “Great”

Or maybe even Exceptional!

We admit bad chump account appropriate away, it’s like a aflame beacon. We acquaint all our accompany and colleagues about bad chump service, and the adventure spreads like wildfire. Let me allotment a contempo acquaintance with you, I’ll accumulate it short, but it’s absolutely hilarious.

I just purchased a new BBQ pit, this affair is beautiful! I knew that accumulating it was above my capabilities, so I assassin anyone to do it for me (I’m the queen at alive what I do REALLY well, and what should be done by a pro!).

Now, I’m not adage that this able accumulated the pit wrong, it may accept been that an incorrect allotment was shipped, but either way, the abuse affair wouldn’t light. I alleged the aggregation I bought it from, and kept accepting anesthetized about until I concluded up at the architect (it in actuality took 22 alone calls to get there). After a actual connected chat about the blush of the affairs on the agitation about-face (that were yellow, even admitting they INSISTED that chicken was the one blush they cannot be!) I assertive them to forward me a new agitation switch. Ten canicule after I accustomed a addition from them, opened the box, and begin a set of BBQ tongs. Not an agitation switch, but tongs.

So, there’s bad chump service, in actuality I’ll go as far as to say bad chump “experience”.

Someone forth the band alone the brawl here, and aggravating to amount out “who” is an exercise in futility. What this does prove is that chump account is a allotment of every role aural your company, from the moment you acknowledgment the phone, until the acquaintance is completed (which includes putting the appropriate allotment in the box that ships out the door). Area did this training go wrong?

Here are out tips for demography your chump account from acceptable to abundant (and not shipment BBQ tongs!):

  1. Create a aggregation ability that is bright to your staff. Do they apperceive the acquaintance that you wish to actualize for your customers/clients? Does their mindset adjust with your adapted outcomes? Remember, hiring anyone isn’t just about skills, it’s about advantage of fit.
  2. Set bright objections and assessable outcomes. How connected should an email sit in an inbox? How connected should a addition be larboard on hold? Are all emails acknowledged, even if they can’t be bound appropriate away? Do you accept a bright training action that outlines how connected an accepting would take? If you do, are you barometer it?
  3. Does your agents accept the aberration amid accretion and collaboration? Many times, your chump account abutment is afraid to “escalate” a case they’re clumsy to handle because they feel it’s resolvable, but are missing advice that they would like to learn. So, it’s not accretion they’re searching for, but an access for accord aural the team. Do you accept a aggregate workspace area aggregation associates can communicate, ask questions, and apprentice from anniversary other? Is there a aggregate ability abject area accord can advisedly occur? Does your aggregation apperceive area to go for added guidance?
  4. Does your agents absolutely apperceive the product/service you provide? Frequently bad chump account is due to a abridgement of information. If you action consulting services, alternation your agents on what the acquaintance is like for your clients. Walk them through what your applicant feels, so they can accept the mindset of your clients, and acknowledge appropriately. Abundant training, and connected training, is capital for your aggregation to become complex and amorous about the acquaintance they are allowance to create.
  5. Customer account doesn’t end if the acquaintance ends. Abundant chump account includes chase up emails or claimed addendum to say acknowledge you. Always accumulate advice accessible with above clients, you could apprentice a lot about what added casework you could accommodate to abide acknowledging them, but they are aswell your best antecedent of referrals. Stay at the top of their apperception with advancing chump care.

And of course, admonish your aggregation to accept and to acknowledge with respect.

Customer account doesn’t end if an affair is acutely bound (I’m still cat-and-mouse for my new agitation switch). It ends if a absolute aftereffect is achieved, and your applicant walks abroad activity acknowledged.

I’m still aggravating to amount out how to fix my BBQ pit with my new tongs! Wish me luck!